Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date (AUS)

21 September 2012

Air Date (US)

June 20, 2012


Simon Butters


Evan Clarry

Episode Guide

Space Ship


Poles Apart

"Distracted" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 in Alien Surf Girls. It first aired in the United States on June 20, 2012 and September 21, 2012 in Australia.


Many weeks after the boat was discovered in the cane field, no clues have been found and no further message from Lumina has come. Zoey is frustrated – so she throws herself into surfing. Brandon notices her new energy on the waves and on her behalf, challenges Madison to an impromptu surf comp. But the only way Zoey can win is with Brandon’s help. She reluctantly agrees…Meanwhile, Kiki just cannot believe that the boat doesn’t hold more secrets. When Amber and Luca refuse to help her, Kiki ventures to the boatyard alone – and into the domain of old alien hunter Harry Dean.



Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E14 Distracted24:03

Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E14 Distracted

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