Lucy Fry
Full Name

Lucy Elizabeth Fry



Date of Birth

13 March 1992 (age 22)

Place of Birth




Eye Color


Hair Color



Actress, model



Zoey Lyla

Lucy Elizabeth Fry plays the main character Zoey on the Australian show, Lightning Point.In real life, Lucy shares her character's love of the ocean. She threw herself into her surf training, and performs most of Zoey's surfing sequences herself. Lucy began studying theater at an early age, and has trained with the Brisbane-based physical theater company, Zen Zen Zo. She is proud of her work on Lightning Point, and looks forward to more on-screen roles.

Career Edit

Her first big role on TV screen was on Lightning Point, from there she moved on to her next big project Mako Mermaids as Lyla. Her first minor role on the TV screen was H2O: Just Add Water as an extra. She played one of the graduating students in Season 3 episode 26 in the ending part of H2O as Lucy Fry. One other big role is as Lissa Dragomir in Vampire Academy.

Fun factsEdit

  • How do you see yourself? Positive thinking, energetic and "hippy"
  • What makes you happy? Nature, art, family and friends
  • Your favorite food: yogurt
  • Your favorite drink: tea
  • Your favorite subject in school: Theatre
  • Your favorite color: turquoise
  • Your favorite animal: My dog Zenzi
  • What are you afraid of losing? People I love.

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