“The Cane Field”
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date (AUS)

17 August 2012

Air Date (US)

June 12, 2012

Prod. Code



Simon Butters


Colin Budds

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Circle of Friends

"The Cane Field" is the ninth episode of Season 1 in Alien Surf Girls. It first aired in the United States on June 12, 2012 and 17 August 2012 in Australia.


Zoey and Kiki access a strange energy field and cause a massive crop circle to form; Luca believes that he has proof that aliens exist.


As Zoey, Kiki and Amber head out to the Benedict cane field, owned by Brandon and Luca’s family, Zoey is excited. She can’t wait to show Kiki and Amber the energy anomaly she has found, deep inside the cane. But when Zoey and Kiki test the invisible Luminan energy column with their plasma card, the card’s own energy field is hijacked. After the dust settles, the trio discover – they’re standing in the middle of a huge crop circle. While the girls try to figure out how to cover it up, they hear a whirring noise overhead – what is that? Brandon and Luca have discovered it too – and are flying a miniature plane with a camera attached over the intricate symbol. Luca finally convinces Brandon – this is no human feat. There are aliens in Lightning Point!




Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E9 The Cane Field24:02

Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E9 The Cane Field

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