Season 1, Episode 19
Air Date (AUS)

26 October 2012

Air Date (US)

October 31, 2012

Prod. Code



Sam Carrol


Evan Clarry

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Power Up

"Vanished" is the nineteenth episode in Season 1 of Alien Surf Girls. It is scheduled to air in the U.S. on October 31, 2012.


Brandon and Zoey are closer than ever and are keen to spend as much time together as possible. When Amber suggests a house party to celebrate the newest couple in Lightning Point, everyone’s excited. That is, except Madison. When she arrives at the party, Zoey accepts her “nice girl” act, but Amber, Kiki and especially Brandon can see right through it. When Madison reveals the card at the end of an argument with Brandon, he wishes she would go away – and it happens. Madison has vanished! Panicked and with nowhere else to go, Luca is forced to reveal Brandon’s secret. He has a plasma card. While Kiki and Zoey figure out a way to get Madison back, a bigger question is brewing. How can a human use a plasma card?




Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E19 Vanished24:53

Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E19 Vanished

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